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Papas Freezeria

When many years ago the first versions of the Papa's Games appeared on the internet, no one know how popular this series will become. You may know that the first versions of the game were created using flash player and were just a project to have some fun - the developers made their own skins for the game and created their own restaurant. But when the game became popular, the developers understood that people will ask for more. That's why today we have more than 10 different types of Papa's Games where the user has to manage different types of restautants.

In the new version of Papas Freezeria 2 your mission is to run the restaurant of desserts and ice-cream. You have to take the order from your customer, write down every datail and then create the dessert according to the notes. Your tips and the whole restaurant depends on you - the better your dessert is - the higher score you will get. In fact, this may seem rather simple quest but keep in mind that as you progress, you will have to serve several customers at the same time and most people can make mistakes or just take it too long to make the ice-cream ready. The whole game is divided into levels (days) and the higher you progress, the more difficult the game becomes. Keep in mind that the first version of the Papas Freezeria was available only on Flash platform but by the end of 2020 year the game was disabled. The second version of the game which is called Papas Freezeria 2 is using a newer HTML5 platform and this way it is available on all devices. You can either enjoy the game for free at our website or download it to your smartphone but in some regions it is not free so keep in this in mind.

How To Play Papa's Freezeria 2?

At the beginning of the game you have to complete a simple tutorial mode where you will be shown how to take order from the customer, how to prepare the dessert and how to serve it. Even though that the game is pretty simple, it requires some practice because the whole process of making dessert is divided into several stages where different actions are done and different ingredients are added. Always keep your eye on the order book to prepare the exactly what was ordered. The game is pretty addictive but almost no one can complete all levels so keep this in mind.

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